Robbie Clipper Sethi

Sea Legs

Harry Naar, Luminescence--L'Avventura

If I stand
on a breakwater
of volcanic rock
quarried up and heaped
upon the sea,
nothing but the thick
salt air would keep
this body
from the surface
of the moon.
Do not bother
to wish on even
your luckiest
of stars. The moon
pulls women closer
to the water
that surrounds our bones
than any of the landlocked men
we make. Even those who dare
not live in the sea
may not care
to walk on land.

Selected Works

This is my most recently published novel.
Tales of a Cross-Cultural Family. This is my first published novel. It made me a Barnes and Noble Great New Writer for the summer, 1996.
This is a novel about a group of high school graduates, between high school and college in 1969, who call up the dead and deal with the consequences.
This is a novel about Patricia Paula Sikorski who becomes St. Cecilia of a very prolific rock and roll group, The Spheres in the seventies, eighties, and nineties.
This is one of the poems written for Harry Naar's pen and ink drawings.
This is one of the two poems written for artist Harry Naar's pen and ink drawings