Robbie Clipper Sethi

A genial account of how people's lives cross and combine to create cultures: one of the best multicultural sagas to come along in a long while.

Kirkus Reviews

Fans of The Bride Wore Red will love Sethi's gem of a novel about complex multicultural relationships. . . Sethi's lively writing makes the characters' individual stories sing. A fun book from a small press hitherto unknown to me.

Reader review,

Sethi's second novel is a clever, daring, and sharply insightful panorama of a family's struggle to transcend the inevitable entropy of the family structure . . . we are given not only a powerful and profound lesson on culture, spirituality, and imperialism, but a carefully sharp and gripping portrayal of the universal struggles that all humans share. . . these tales intertwine in a way that is brilliant and wholly fulfilling. No stone is left unturned, and the reader is left with a mosaic of human existence that is much more than a "multicultural" tale, but a beautiful and frightening commentary on the universal struggle against loneliness, responsibility, identity, and alienation.

Reader review,

Told with startling compassion and insight, this novel offers a complex and realistic view of what it means to be an immigrant. Sethi writes with a no-nonsense style; however, the moments she chooses to reveal are lyrical. I could not help feeling for every one of these displaced individuals. By the time I finished FIFTY-FIFTY, I did not want to leave these self-exiled characters who, despite all that they have suffered, continue to harbor hope. I highly recommend this for readers of literary fiction and those interested in cross-cultural and immigrant issues.

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