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I sent this to Scarlet Leaf Review as an author's photo. My long story (or novella), "Rebirth" was accepted for the February 2022 issue, but the last issue the magazine published was January, 2022. And as I write this, it is May, 2023! Bad luck. BUT another story, "The Brothers K" is online at Waxing and Waning, issue 11. Here is a link: https://www.waxingandwaning.org/issue-11/the-brothers-k-by-roberta-clipper-_fiction_/
This rather dark story, based on the tavern scene in The Brothers Karamazov when Ivan tells Alyosha the legend of the Grand Inquisitor, is appropriately printed white on black. So let this author's photo serve, and I'm going to have to find another home for "Rebirth" (also based on a Dostoevsky novel--my favorite, Demons).

I look like such an adult in this photo. It came down from the "Wall of Fame" at Rider some years ago. This website is woefully outdated. I apologize. As for the picture, I am grateful to one of my Fulbright students in Hyderabad who told me the picture reminded him of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wore Prada. Hah! Sometimes you have to go abroad in order to get back home.